what we do


Concept design
and feasibility studies


Ship design and computations: general arrangement, technical specification, midship section, freeboard, equipment number, tonnage, 3D modeling and rendering

Implementations of new propulsion technologies on board and tailored solutions (CNG, LNG, FC, hybrid)

Basic and
detailed design


Piping systems
Mooring and outfitting
Hull classification plans and detailed drawings
Intact and damage stability booklet
Equipment and engine plans
Detailed equipment and engine room coordination plans
Basic and detailed electrical design
Seakeeping analysis
CFD analysis
Model towing tank tests assistance

Advanced engineering studies


Custom model test studies (ice, river navigation)

Ship energy balance analysis and optimisation

Energy measuring campaign

Custom and multidisciplinary engineering studies

Structural analysis


Global and local FEM analysis

Noise and vibrations analysis

On Board


On board measurements and 3D scan

Inclining experiment

Lightship survey

Sea trials