> Fast Patrol boat

Navalprogetti was requested by Cantiere Navale Vittoria (CNV)
to design an aluminium Fast Patrol Boat to be offered to the Marine and Nautical Police unit of Cyprus Republic (according to RINA Rules for the Classification of Fast Patrol Vessels).

The craft should be involved in Cyprus territorial water patrolling, undertaking missions up to 150 nm offshore from the docking port.

The craft is equipped with life saving appliances (SOLAS approved) and is also fitted with a removable stern overboard rescue platform. Control and navigation of the craft are possible both from the closed Navigation Bridge and from the higher Open Bridge. The main deck is designed with solid foundations for the placement of guns (fore and aft).


Ship main characteristic

Length overall: 17.0 m

Breadth overall: 5.0 m

Design draft: 1.1 m

Full displacement: 35 t

Propulsion power: 1764 kW

Speed: 27 kn @ cruising speed, >34 kn @95% MCR

Fuel endurance at cruising speed >350 nm (with 15% residual in tanks)

  > Crane Barge

Navalprogetti designed a Fully Revolving Self-Propelled Floating Crane (Class Notation: +1A FLOATING CRANE R3) for a Suez Canal Authority tender. The project includes a crane with 40 tons lifting capacity.

The crane system is installed on board a pontoon 34 m long and 17 m wide; the vessel displacement is abt. 850 t at 2 m draft, and it is propelled by 3 main engines (400 kW each) driving 2 Azimuth Thrusters with 6 kn maximum speed.

Crane Barge

Tropical climatic conditions:

ambient temperature: from 5 °C up to 45 °C

relative humidity: from 10% to 95%

maximum sea water temperature: 34° C

maximum operating wind speed: 40 km/h

out of operation withstands wind speed of 72 km/h


Hoist characteristics:

 S.W.L.: 40 Tons 8 – 16 m / 25 Tons 16 – 25 m.

Max. radius (from center of rotation): Approx. 25 m.

Min. radius: (from center of rotation): Approx. 8 m.

Lifting height above water level: 32 m.

Lifting height below water level: Approx. 20 m.

Hoisting speed S.W.L. 40 tons: Approx. 0 – 6 m/min.

Hoisting speed S.W.L. 25 tons: Approx. 0 – 9 m/min.

Hoisting speed at no load: Approx. 0 – 12 m/min.

S.W.L.: 40 Tons 8 – 16 m / 25 Tons 16 – 25 m

> Double ended ferry

Navalprogetti was requested by Cantiere Navale Vittoria (CNV) to design an ice classed double ended car/passenger ferry for Lithuanian domestic service.
The ship is designed according to ABS rules and the requirements for inland waterway vessels (ES-TRIN).

The ship is equipped with two ramps, one forward and one aft for the loading/unloading of cars and two side ramps for loading/unloading of passengers.


Ship main characteristic

Length overall: 60.0 m

Breadth overall: 17.0 m

Design draft: 3.2 m

Deadweight: 580 t

Propulsion power: 678 kW

Speed: 9.7 kn

Passengers capacity: 1000 pax

GA Model