Pipe laying Crane Vessel 

PLCV 4000



During the whole 2008 Navalprogetti worked on the Basic Design of a new vessel for SAIPEM & Petrobras.

PLCV 4000 is a DP3 vessel capable of laying steel pipes, develop subsea fields up to 3000m water depth and perform heavy lifting operations up to 4000t, fully revolving. The vessel has been designed to achieve the best compromise between stability requirements for heavy lifting operations and seakeeping performances in all operational conditions.

It is a totally tailor-made vessel capable

of carrying out several duties in both shallow and deep water areas such as:

  • Steel pipe installations: deployment of steel pipes up to 36in. diameter in J lay mode up to a 3000m depth
  • Transportation on deck, lifting and installation of heavy modules; Fully revolving crane 4000t @ 40m radius
  • Standing riser installation
  • SCR installation construction and direct transfer of Steel Catenary Risers
  • Deployment in ultra-deep water of subsea structures
  • Subsea mooring installation
  • S-laying operation: the vessel is designed to allow a stinger installation on the bow for pipe laying in S-mode in case of future demand.

The analysis of the dynamic behavior of the vessel was a very important part of the design process. The seakeeping and DP theoretical analysis were performed using a certified software that was then customized with self-developed macros operated by qualified engineers.

The design was tested in the Marin (Wageningen) model basin.

   General characteristics

Length overall 205.0 m
Length between   perpendiculars (T=7,5m) 197.6 m
Max breadth 48.0 m
Extreme Breadth (balcony included) 63.6 m
Height of main   deck above base line 13.0 m
Height of   upper deck above base line 21.31 m
Height of fore   castle deck above base line 26.81 m
Depth 13.0 m
Design draft 10.5 m
Scantling draft 10.5 m
Max draft 10.5 m
Displacement at transit draft 57,800 mt
Displacement   at scantling/design draft abt. 85,600 mt
Deadweight at 8.5 metres   draft abt. 21,000 mt
Payload   (10,000 mt pipes and 4,000 mt modules) abt.14,000 mt
Service speed   (at transit draft ) 12 kn
Main Electrical Generation System 8 x 8400 kWe
Total Persons   onboard (crew + extra personnel) 360