Navalprogetti is happy to share a major update from the sHYpS EU project.

As the lead partner in sHYpS, Navalprogetti is responsible for three out of nine work packages (WP) of EU project.

WP2 (June ’22 to November ’23), is devoted to the design of the H2 system and its auxiliary systems.

The target is the development of an innovative solution facilitating a full-day Fjord navigation in a zero-emission operational mode.
Throughout the design process, the collaborative approach used achieved the goal of optimising the on-board layout while minimising interference with existing conventional systems.

Currently, the shipyard is incorporating the outcomes and documentation from Navalprogetti into the overall ship project, to proceed with the detailed design.

The gaseous H2 fuel system

The H2 plant corresponds to the backbone of the alternative energy generation system onboard sHYpS H2 cruise ship, it ensures the proper hydrogen flow from the tanks, where it is stored in liquid phase (LH2 at -253 °C), through the evaporator, which allows to reach the users (fuel cell modules) in gaseous phase.

The layout of the plant is studied to guarantee multiple layer of protection to the piping, in order to be able to safely monitor and contain the hydrogen.

The H2 auxiliary systems

In addition to the main hydrogen fuel system, all the auxiliary systems necessary for the operability of the hydrogen plant have been studied and defined in detail. For spaces containing hydrogen, the following systems have been designed:

  • Ventilation;
  • Emergency and normal operation vent;
  • Inert gas;
  • Fire protection.
Navalprogetti sHYpS - high level view of hydrogen fuel system installation onboard
High level view of hydrogen system

The high explosive potential of hydrogen used as propelling fuel requires a meticulous and forward-thinking approach to safety on board. This approach also encompasses a thorough examination of the current regulations and available guidelines, including the adoption of the best solutions and technologies available on the market, to achieve the goal of ensuring the vessel’s safety for both the crew and passengers.

The alternative system will be able to work in different operation modes, always guaranteeing the full operation of the vessel, such as

  • normal operation, at different loads based on ship energy request
  • stand-by when hydrogen is present onboard but not used
  • emergency

The auxiliary systems have been designed with the dual purpose of enabling the operation of the main plant and providing additional protective measures in addition to the conventional means (water mist, etc.).

Different ventilation and pressure conditions are foreseen for the rooms where hydrogen system is present: the operating philosophy of the plant is based both on Rules and Regulation compliance and on adequate safety measures to segregate and contain any hazardous atmosphere.

Following the completion of the design a series of additional and detailed studies, e.g. CFD calculation, Quantitative Risk Assessment and Failure Mode and Effect Analysis, have been addressed and will be submitted to Class for formal approval, previous activities are part of the Lloyd’s Register Risk Based Certification process (RBC) that will be implemented to certify the overall project.


Key partners of the project are Viking Cruises, Chart industries and Ricardo, while Lloyd’s Register is supporting the consortium for the certification of the overall system onboard.

The overall objective of sHYpS is to contribute to the decarbonization of the maritime industry by deploying an innovative 6 MW system based on liquid hydrogen sorage and fuel cell plant.

Navalprogetti is the lead partner of the project and responsible of three out of nine work packages of EU. Navalprogetti provides the project management of the overall project and is leading the arrangement and integration.

Also Navalprogetti has conceived the overall safety concepts and philosophy of the H2 system.

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