Navalprogetti participated to the Barcolana Sea Summit, an important series of event and conferences that took place at the new Trieste Convention Center, a multifunctional Congress center located in the recently renovated Porto Vecchio of Trieste, from 4 to 7 October 2022.

Barcolana Sea Summit aims at promoting scientific divulgation empowering and giving voice to scientific institutions, companies, public administration and NPO (No Profit Organizations) that work in the maritime sector.

Navalprogetti, together with CNR (National Research Center), OGS (National Oceanography and experimental Geophysics Institute) and Port Authority, took part at the event through the workshop Ars Navigandi Experience Lab, a workshop organized by MareFVG dedicated to high school students, composed by 4 different stations, each one aiming at describing a different topic about the marine and/or maritime sector.

Navalprogetti was able to engage the students’ attention at the corner named “From the Idea to the Ship”, providing a short but comprehensive overview of the realization of a Ship, from the initial design phases to the construction at the yard. The students also had the opportunity to experience in the ship fabrication by assembling some ship models.

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