Navalprogetti is member of the european partnership of TransH2 – Transition to Hydrogen Fueled Cross-Border Sea-Mobility -project, funded by Interreg Italy – Croatia Programme.

Project overall objective is to enhance sustainable cross-border sea-mobility by demonstrating feasible solutions for application and usage of zero emission fuels (green hydrogen) in cross-border and regional maritime transport routes and transferring innovative solutions to port authorities, transport operators and other stakeholders across the programme area in Croatia and Italy.

Navalprogetti is responsible for WP2, Task 2.2 for the development of a conceptual design for two small passenger vessel to be used for regional or cross-border connections in Adriatic Sea. The vessel will be based on hydrogen propulsion with hydrogen storage in pressurized tanks and a propulsion train based on PEM fuel cells.

In this context, the TransH2 partnership aims to assess interest in possible stakeholders involvement in hydrogen and their vision regarding the energy transition.

As the global maritime industry seeks innovative solutions to reduce emissions and embrace sustainability, the role of hydrogen as a clean fuel source is key. To ensure a comprehensive understanding and effective collaboration, we need your insights.

This questionnaire (available at the links below) aims to evaluate your organisation’s level of interest in adopting hydrogen as a fuel in maritime transport, gather insights from previous experiences you gained in this domain, identify your fields of interest, and assess your willingness for deeper cooperation within the informal network of Interreg IT-HR project TransH2.

The questionnaire’s results will help us refine future project activities to better align with your needs and plans in the area of hydrogen as a fuel in maritime transport as well as establish a H2 maritime transport collaboration network.

Stakeholders from across the maritime sector, including shipping companies, port authorities, technology developers, and policymakers, are encouraged to participate in the survey organized within Interreg Italy – Croatia project TransH2 “Transition to Hydrogen Fuelled Cross-border Sea Mobility”.

To participate in the questionnaire, please click here for the survey in English and Croatian (choose the language in the top right corner) and here for Italian, or via links below and submit your responses by 16 June 2024. (English and Croatian) (Italian)

Find out more about the project here.

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