On February 27th, 2024 in Rijeka was held the kick-off meeting of TransH2 (Transition to Hydrogen Fueled Cross-Border Sea-Mobility) project.


The project is implemented as part of the Interreg V-A cross-border cooperation program Italy-Croatia 2021-2027. The partnership consists of 8 partners from Croatia and Italy with University of Rijeka as Lead partner:



3. ZADRA NOVA – Zadar County Development Agency

4. Urbanex Ltd.

5. Maritime Technology Cluster FVG S.c.ar.l.

6. Navalprogetti S.r.l.

7. Start Romagna S.p.A.

8. University of Trieste

Project objective

Project overall objective is to enhance sustainable cross-border sea-mobility by demonstrating feasible solutions for application and usage of zero emission fuels (green hydrogen) in cross-border and regional maritime transport routes and transferring innovative solutions to port authorities, transport operators and other stakeholders across the programme area in Croatia and Italy.

The project started on February 1, 2024 and lasts for 30 months, until July 31, 2026, with a total budget of €2.357.035,00.

Navalprogetti is responsible for WP2, Task 2.2 for the development of a conceptual design for two small passenger vessel to be used for regional or cross-border connections in Adriatic Sea. The vessel will be based on hydrogen propulsion with hydrogen storage in pressurized tanks and a propulsion train based on PEM fuel cells.

Hrvoje Grancarić, project officer of the Joint Secretariat of the Italy-Croatia program, also attended the meeting. Project partners discussed the way of carrying out certain activities within the work packages and agreed on further steps in the implementation. Next meeting of project partners is planned in the second half of 2024 in Trieste.

To know more about Interreg Program please click here: https://www.italy-croatia.eu/web/italy-croatia

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